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Who Let the Fox Out?

Dear Jane,

What is going on with the novella? What can you tell us about the The Vault listed in the back of Timber? Is there an MK novella? Who is the mystery man? Who is on the cover to Honey Trap? We need answers!

Yes, readers, I have received your numerous notes and requests. I’m going to attempt to address all of them in this column. Let’s take it from the top, shall we?

This week is the week Tate James showed us the HOT rebranding of the Kit Davenport Series covers. Which makes me think she must be hiding something. Everyone keeps asking about an MK novella, a mystery man, and what Tate has in store for us. Meanwhile, I am over here begging for more GUMDROP but I do have a few fun things up my sleeve as her PA.

I still stick by my original comment of “MK sounds cool.” I don’t have much to add to it other than, if there is a novella I bet Archer is hot in it. I will say that I am missing Shadow Grove, something fierce and can’t wait for the Honey Trap.

On the mystery man front, I don’t know much there either, other than he is Heather Long’s. She literally licked him while he was a character in Tate’s mind. Luckily she shares her book boyfriends with me (smug grin).

After all my mumbling, we finally get down to the real question: what is Tate hiding? I can’t confirm if it’s a novella or a mystery man (the jury is still out on these particular puzzles). What I can do is reveal she has been hiding a signed set of the old Kit Davenport covers to give away! To enter, all you need to do is comment on this column. A winner will be announced in the Fox Hole in a week.

Stay sly you foxy peeps!


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