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MK Novella “Doesn’t Exist” conspiracy theorists claim

Some conspiracy theorists believe something dirty is going down in the fictional city of Shadow Grove. One of the most hotly debated issues around the Fox Hole these days is whether “Vault,” as listed at the end of Tate James’ most recent release “Timber” is a real book, a typo, or something else entirely. Attempts to pin down the author or her editor have resulted in a variety of comments from “what novella” to “it’s a mystery.”

There’s a popular meme on social media that claims “That moment when you finish a book, look around, and realize that everyone is just carrying on with their lives… As though you didn’t just experience emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback.”

Now imagine compounding that trauma with a mystery novella appearing in a series list at the very end of that same book only to discover not only is not available but no one seems to have even heard of it—not even the author!

To get to the heart of this matter, reporters and fans have reached out to both author and editor. Again, the responses have not proven helpful but conspiracy theorists are ready to fill in the blanks. While officials in the Fox Hole seem to have gone to unusual lengths to try avoid commenting on the existence or non-existence as it were of the novella, editor Heather Long recently agreed to answer some questions.

When asked about the gif she posted “And so it begins…” she would only say, “Tate and I like to tease the folks both in the Fox Hole and WTF Tate with ambiguous (sometimes) gifs and quotes with no explanation.”

After being pressed for more, she would only admit, “That is the point of not explaining it. We want the readers to try and fill in the blanks.”

While this answer is far from satisfying, it did give one conspiracy theorist the opportunity to put forward the following idea: If the gifs and images as well as quotes are designed to invite readers to fill in the ambiguous gaps—could the title of the so-called MK Novella offer the same opportunity?

“It’s a mystery,” Long responded.

A mystery—like a vault—requires a key to solve it or a combination to open it. Could local conspiracy theorists have actually stumbled on to something or is this just another case of author and editor pulling the readers’ collective legs?

“I wouldn’t say we’re pulling anything,” Long stated categorically. “In fact, I would go so far as to confirm that what Tate is working on right now is absolutely and definitively not an MK novella nor is it titled Vault.”

Can that sentence be parsed for more information? Conspiracy theorists will likely fill in the blanks, but the question remains—what is Vault? Where is it? When will we learn more? And what will happen if it turns out to be a “typo” after all?

The Fox Hole Gazette is going to take the next step and offer a reward for definitive proof of the novella’s non-existence. While author James and editor Long continue to cast doubt on its existence, is the fact that they do evidence to the contrary?

“The answer may be in front of everyone,” Long stated cryptically. “Allegedly anyway.”

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