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I spy with my little eye...

Are those the new Kit Davenport covers I see? **gasp**

But wait. Where did Vali go? Our reporter smells a story and has approached author Tate James for an explanation on why our favorite well hung Romanian didn't get a cover.

"Because Vali was never in the original plan," she told us, "he was meant to die during Kit's escape, but I think we all know by now that my characters do whatever the fuck they want. Kit had clearly formed an attachment and didn't agree with my plans to off the big-dicked bastard."

Okay, Tate. Makes sense. But why not include him on Cole's cover?

"He's there. Look closer."

Very helpful, Ms. James. Very helpful.

Well, our reporters know what they think of these covers, but how about you? Have you got a favorite from Kit's Harem? Here at the Fox Hole Gazette, we don't believe in choosing! Collect 'em all, just like Pokémon.

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