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Happy Birthday Kit Davenport!

With Kit Davenport's 4th birthday coming up, our reporters contacted Tate James with one important question: Will we get the new covers revealed on September 19th?

At first, Ms. James evaded our questions with sly side steps and topic changes, but the Fox Hole Gazette reporters are tenacious, and determined, and eventually managed to get a comment on the record.

"Yeah, I guess so. What day is it today?" Ms. James asked, while blinking like an owl and refilling her coffee. Our reporters decided to take their questions to a more reliable source, the jail warden herself, Ms. Heather Long.

Ms. Long, unfortunately, declined to comment then chased our reporters away while brandishing a leather whip and shouting, "this is not what you were supposed to do today, Tate!"

Our reporter is unsure why Ms. Long is calling her Tate, but is scared enough to drop this line of enquiry.

Will the Kit Davenport covers be revealed on September 19th? And if so, which time zone? Only time will tell. Our reporter suggests checking back then, to see if we have gained an exclusive.

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